Premium Bodyshop/Mechanical Management for the modern Bodyshop & Mechanical


A modern Bodyshop with a medium to large sized operation cannot compete effectively today without a modern Bodyshop management system.

Where a Bodyshops management system comes useful such as our premium cloud Bodyshops system we have just launched in the market is that the Bodyshops management system also has to adapt to ever changing requirements from Bodyshops, manufacturers, work providers, insurance companies and regulators to have greater data analytics to able to mine deeper into the Bodyshop operations. The Bodyshops software enable the Bodyshop to a continual cost reduction programme, improving customer service and streamline processes and find and focus on profitable work whilst managing the daily operations on standard work with standard industry profit margins. As regulation costs increase Bodyshops need to find ways of reducing this overhead by ensuring that every process has a check in place to pass the various regulations, audit and financial requirements.

The modern Bodyshops management systems work with these challenges in mind and Autosoft Cloud Bodyshop software has exactly the features needed by a modern Bodyshop to be able to do all of the above but in addition work on the cloud to bring ZERO IT costs to customers, avoid worrying about BACKUPs and focus every moment available on the work, customer service and profitability programme.

In Summary the benefits can be grouped into the following:

  • Data Analytics to improve Customer Service, Workprovider Information, Cost Reduction, Improve regulatory requirements and streamline operations
  • Categorise & analyse jobs and workproviders by Profitable High, Medium, Normal and Unprofitable but contributing toward overheads
  • Load workshop and Office staff in the most efficient way possible using our Bodyshops software
  • Reduce and eliminate IT Costs with cloud systems and connect with other cloud providers such as ZERO accounting to reduce accountings and admin costs.
  • Finally modern Bodyshops management system such as Autosoft Cloud provide the flexibility to run your business from mobiles, tablets and desktops seamlessly