What is the new cloud Bodyshops Management System?

Our new Cloud System for Auto repairers, Workshops, Smart Repair Shops and Mechanical Shops provides a total auto repair management system solution for a repair centre. It connects to several work providers and insurance companies to enhance and streamline the claims management process using the very latest cloud technologies. Our auto repair software integrates with all of the major estimating systems. It is totally paperless including taking signatures which uses a tablet or smartphone. Once the claim has been processed in the auto repair system it sends the authority notes, collection note and invoice direct to the work providers at a click on a button.

How much will the system cost?

A typical cost of our auto repair software with, say, 4 users, Bodyshop & workshop with ALL modules works out to about £10 per day! Remember, this includes your support and update fees, no annual licences, no contract tie ins and we can also guarantee prices upto 3 years forward!

All auto repair software should be able to - Invoice, produce job cards, link to smart estimating systems, link to accounting systems, provide electronic opinion based estimating, report, control courtesy cars and provide full parts control.

  • tCapture: An easy to use barcode driven time and data capture system.
  • iTrack: Internet enabled and Windows based, provides the customer with the ability to see for themselves exactly where their vehicle is in the repair cycle.
  • SMS Text: SMS text messaging sends automatic text messages to any mobile as key events are achieved.
  • Document Storage: The ability to save documents and images to a central directory that is accessible to anyone accessing the system.
  • Printing/Email/Fax/Scan: As well as being able to print to paper you can also print to screen, fax, excel and email.
  • Accounts Export:Option to import and export from all major estimating systems as well as import of sales ledger to Sage 50 Accounts, TAS and Opera
  • Reporting: Accurate real time reporting.
  • Multi Site: The ability to handle more than one bodyshop from a central data base
  • Mobile Apps: We have a fully featured smart repair quotation system for your business together with iPad and iPhone mobile apps designed to make your life easier and more profitable.
  • tCard: We have an advanced tCard system designed to mimic the tCard functionality but on a real time basis.
  • WorkProgress:Our work in progress system is designed to squeeze maximum profit from the workshop operations.
  • Letterheads : We professionally design letterheads for your business as part of the total package.

What does Cloud auto repair software do for my business?

Auto repair system is designed to increase your profits by focusing on the key areas of your business.

Do you link to ITAS (Mercedes Interface)?

Yes we are fully compliant with ITAS links.

How long does it take to get this system up and running?

After the first 3 days of training, most users will be able to use the system.

How does Auto repair system compare to other systems in the market place?

Our system is extremely powerful, easy to use and very cost effective. Our auto repair cloud systems proprietary Reporting and Time Management System has unrivalled capabilities. We are confident that our product is unmatched in terms of cost; ease of use and as a tool to effectively manage the bodyshop environment.

Do any customers have Manufacturer approvals?

Yes. We have customers who are approved by several manufacturers including BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, Audi, Honda and Vauxhall and many more.

Do I have to enter into long-term contracts?

The contract length is only 3 months, after which you can terminate the contract if you wish.

Can I see this system live at an existing customer site?

Yes. You are most welcome to talk to our existing customers.

Does Auto repair system cater for Mechanical workshops?

Yes. You can tailor the Bodyshop Management System to produce job cards and invoices for the Mechanical Shop.

Do any customers have Insurance approvals?

Yes. The majority of bodyshops in the country have insurance approvals.

Why choose our premium auto repair system?

Our system is specifically designed to increases your company profits. We offer a money back guarantee on our rentals for up to 3 months after installation.

Are there any hidden costs?

There are no hidden costs. Our simple pricing clearly shows you the costs, products and services you are going to receive

Optional modules cost?

All modules except I-track are included in our pricing. However the creation of I-track allows you to determine the progress of your vehicles via the website. The costs of implementation of web links are the only extra costs you need to consider if you decide to purchase the I-track option.

How does Auto repair system increase my company profits?

We do this by targeting specific areas within your business where we believe that Auto Soft can add significant value and where savings can be made:

The areas are:

1. Accurate time management of all your technicians.Reporting on technicians efficiency, productivity and most importantly utilisation of their time.

2. Reducing Estimate production to enable the estimator to spend more time on estimating and getting the most value on every job.

3. Comprehensive parts control. Here, all your discounts received, part returns and links to accounting systems are carefully managed to save your accountant time and you money by making sure discounts are fully taken and monitored.

4. Customer care is improved significantly by the use of Electronic T cards, Text messaging. This allows us to manage customer expectations and improve service levels.

5. Providing the Bodyshop Manager with the tools to effectively control the business. e.g. the Live WIP screen provides real time warnings of all work being carried out and which work is likely to end up in losses for the company unless action is taken.